First Impressions: Golden Kamuy

golden kamuy ep3 snapshot1
© Geno Studio

Hinna, hinna.

Three weeks since its premiere, Golden Kamuy is going to a good start. Though the animation is still off at times it was able to recover by Episode 3. I already got used to the CGI bear and didn’t lose my immersion for once. Don’t let the bad CGI get in the way for enjoying this. Being Geno Studio’s second major TV anime, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

From Episode 1 we got to know how the main duo met. At first it felt like a lot of info was crammed but this wasn’t the case. There’s a balance between comedic moments to violent action scenes as the episodes go on. The gore presented was toned down a bit to meet the standards.

Action is one of the selling points here, yet what makes it stands out is the lore behind it.

At one point when they go to the Ainu people’s village, you get to know more of Asirpa’s background and their culture as a tribe. The anime even pushed their efforts to have the Ainu language being spoken by the villagers to make it more special. Sugimoto and Asirpa also form a great pair in this anime. Their interactions with each other from being hunted to eating food together already shows a bond from the beginning.

On the other hand, Sugimoto knows how to make funny moments in serious situations. In Episode 2 he desperately tries to make a fire out of a bullet with the help of Shiraishi, the Escape King. He and Shiraishi were supposed to be enemies in their first meeting, things weren’t supposed to be that way.

Right now the story is unfolding. If this keeps up, this anime could give way to more historical-based shows that’s been quite lacking in recent years.

Until next time!

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