Summer 2018: The Anime I’ll be Watching

New season, new batch of incoming anime. After Spring, I am now recovering from the emptiness of the amount of shows I watched. It’s a good thing that some of the new ones already piqued my interest. First off:


I’m here for the Sakuga animation.

I’ll admit that I’m not interested in sports. But the first episode just pulled me in with its great animation. Every movement is so fluid to the point it makes the match exciting. The characters could use some improvement as the series goes on.

Banana Fish

Did Yurio got his own show now?

Interestingly, this one came from a Shoujo magazine in the 1980s. The concept sounds like a normal action show about drugs, relationships, and the like. After seeing it once, I get why it was published there. There’s an underlying theme of homosexuality among the main characters. Studio MAPPA loves to take risks in their shows. This could be the dark horse anime of this season.

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

Something to fill the void after Hinamatsuri

Another comedy I’ll look forward to every Saturday. It may not have the best production value, but somehow it fits. The OP could be on my playlist after it ends. Diomedea could only make good anime when it comes to comedy. They’ve been suffering for awhile now but I hope this one could get them back on their feet.

Hataraku Saibou

hataraku saibou
Who’s ready to ship our own blood cells?

I learned more about the human body in this show than what I learned in school. Plus, the ship between Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell is already obvious. This will be one of the more popular anime this season. (Hana Kanazawa is voicing one of the MCs by the way).

Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger

sirius the jaeger.jpg
If only if it wasn’t a Netflix exclusive…

P.A. Works brings in a new original series about vampire hunters. Set in a fictional world in the 1930s, this could give way to better world-building. This was one of the anime I’m anticipating but Netflix got in the way. I’m waiting for someone to fansub it. I’m not a binge-watcher here.

Grand Blue

I am looking forward to this diving anime.

Seriously. The image above is what it’s actually about. An MC in college discovers his way to enjoy his remaining youth. Even though I’m not into alcohol, this is really refreshing to see. Oh, and there’s some diving involved by the way. I need a cup of oolong tea now.


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