First Impressions: Hanebado!

Hanebado ep 2 screenshot
Can this person find a better reason to balance sports and family?

Behind the fluid animation is a story grounded in trivial reasons. After a strong start, it seems a bunch of hurdles is bringing it down. Hanebado! tells the story of the members in the badminton club finding their reason to become better. Not just in the sport itself, but also how it affects everyone’s teamwork.

In the beginning we get to know Nagisa, the team captain. Initially she was hard on her team because of a loss in one match. She kept on practicing through hard work on her own to realize one thing: Nagisa just loves badminton. Her loss in the match was due to Ayano. She on the other hand beat Nagisa at first due to not knowing why she keeps on playing. The way how it’s presented it doesn’t seem to be centered on Ayano alone.

Ayano wouldn’t be in the club without Elena, her childhood friend. Elena is the reason why she pushed her friend to keep playing. She knows Ayano more than anyone else. But Ayano keeps holding back. Why? It’s because of her mother. That setup has already been done a lot of times.

Between Ayano and Nagisa, they both show different perspectives yet I don’t see how it establishes their rivalry and teamwork as one. There’s more members in the club that we didn’t get to know yet. The coach is just there to acknowledge their skills as a player. There’s even filler male members in the group that aren’t important. It’s still a diamond in the rough for me.

The good thing in this anime is the focus of women in sports. This is a first for me. I already know the fact it’s giving impressive visuals. It’s just that there’s something missing. I can’t point where, but I wish that it will be addressed sooner.



2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Hanebado!”

  1. I want this to be one of two things:

    A Hibike! Euphonium type show about Badminton, or straight up Haikyuu!.

    If it can evoke a similar feeling of one of these two, then it would have done a great job.


    1. Haven’t watched Haikyuu, and I agree with you if this anime was similar in storytelling to Sound Euphonium.

      It somehow feels like a different show after Ayano became the focus in the recent episode. If it goes well, it could be a contender as one of the best this season.

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