First Impressions: Banana Fish

Banana fish screenshot ep3
Remember that Ash (the blond guy) is 17 years old.

Banana Fish does not take itself lightly. Drugs, crime syndicates, violence, and sexual depictions are all present here. But what drives most people off is the representation of homosexuality. I mean come on, can’t anyone already move on from that mindset? It has what most people want yet they would rather watch another ecchi show instead. I can’t blame them, it’s what they want.

In this show, we get to know one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen this season: Ash Lynx. He leads a gang at a young age and knows how to use a range of weapons. Behind his attractive looks hides a dark past. Ash was sexually abused by a man. That man was also a pedophile who recorded it and was in his collection. If that didn’t make you uncomfortable then what will?

He is only open to another guy named Eiji Okumura, the polar opposite of him. Eiji is a photographer assistant to a journalist with no clue about where he’ll be in. He is so innocent to the point of being unaware of the situation at times. Despite his shortcomings, Eiji finds a way to get past of being killed. And I hope he will live.

The one thing Ash searches for is the Banana Fish. From information so far it’s more than a typical drug. Connections and relationships are quite important in a crime show like this. If you betray, you have to survive no matter the consequences.

I am really glad that shows like this are airing today. However it will be overshadowed from fan favorites. Expand your watch list with this. Sometimes the best shows aren’t the most talked about.

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