First Impressions: Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

Bloody Butterfly
Don’t mess with the Bloody Butterfly.

Comedy is strong this season. When you’re looking for a show that gives you a good laugh, Chio-chan’s got you covered. Also known as Chio’s School Road, it follows a lowly gamer girl who doesn’t want to stand out in school. Though it doesn’t always take place in school a lot of shenanigans happen on the way. Delivery is on point, timing is just right, and the animation fits to make a simple all-in-one package.

Starting off we get to know the struggles of Chio-chan as a gamer. The references here to popular games makes it even better. Though she is a member of a sports club, she has priorities. Her close friends are even a joy to watch. They are self-aware of who they are in class and they don’t mind giving a damn at all. When it introduced the biker gang leader, it turns out he’s the best bro. Every character has their own personality giving this anime a distinct identity.

Out of all the comedy shows this summer this one also has a following. Grand Blue is even airing in the same season but that’s a different form of comedy. If you just want to chill in one afternoon eating chips, try it with this one.


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