Just an Update For You

If only I spent my energy like how Oreki does it…

This update will not discuss about anime.

Sorry for not posting in a while. Being a college student just exerts so much energy to the stress I take. It’s already the end of finals in my first year. And I only have a week off before the next school year starts. Not only that, there’s not that much I could talk about right now. I hope you understand.

Doing this blog isn’t easy to update every so often. It’s like how an idea slips away after some time. Once you forget it, it will never come back. Another thing is the conflicting schedules between school and free time. The one thing I don’t like about school is they don’t give the best schedules at the right time. It always gets in the way to the point I have to prioritize school over this blog. I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while now. It’s the cost to getting a creative degree in a country where creativity is not well-appreciated by many.

I will try to be active again by posting some Top 5 lists for the Summer season this month. But I’m not sure if that’ll be enough. Would a Seasonal Anime Spotlight suffice? I want to create something that readers would appreciate the amount of effort given. If you have any suggestions, I am willing to listen.

2 thoughts on “Just an Update For You”

  1. The seasonal spotlight sounds pretty good, provided you can distinguish it from other sites that do the same thing (e.g. Anime News Network).

    I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve ever seen you do a low commitment editorial-type post before, despite your calling yourself an editor, so why not try doing one?


    1. I’ve done something similar about the editorial posts. But it’s not I would call an editorial per se, it’s more of an in-depth discussion type of post about the events Monogatari Series in the light novels. I post those in reddit over here since those are too long. It may bore the readers. You can take a look at my latest entry here:

      It’s also a good thing that someone supports the Seasonal Spotlight idea. The blog’s been in a rut. Doing the same stuff is becoming a chore. If you also think the post I made in reddit is good, I could create a post like that one day.

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