An Editor’s List: Watching and Dropped Shows – Summer 2018

chiochan ep 7
If you know Chio’s School Road, you could get what I’m saying here.

I’m back again for another list of anime I’ve been watching. From a stacked season to a more decent one, things are quite divisive this time. You should know I don’t keep up with big-name series and I won’t mention them. I want to let people know these new series exist too. Trying something new isn’t harmful at all. Expanding your interest in the medium will have its own pros and cons in the long run.


  1. Banana Fish – An overlooked action show of the season. It’s sad to see some didn’t give this one a chance even if it has a following. The show’s got everyone’s interest yet why didn’t it even click? Oh yeah, there’s closed-minded people.
  2. Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro – It has Comedy but you should take note it’s Seinen. Unexpectedly it delivers way better than another comedy anime airing in the same season. It goes over the top yet everything else feels fresh. This show’s sense of humor hits the right notes with a colorful cast.
  3. Hanebado! – Strong start, clunky middle, but it was saved thanks to its great animation and storytelling. Although the latest episode has showed its limits in animating every movement it’s getting back on track at least. I myself didn’t expect a sports anime to be this intense.
  4. Hataraku Saibou – It’s episodic in nature. You’ll simply know about how the cells in our bodies work and their daily mishaps. Also there’s the Red Blood Cell x White Blood Cell ship. That alone is good enough to me.


  1. Back Street Girls – Didn’t watch this show again after Episode 1. It falls flat hard. What makes it worse is how little to no effort was given by J.C. Staff. Why did this got an anime in the first place?
  2. Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger – Tried to impress me with great fighting choreography in the beginning, but it didn’t pique my interest. I had to watch this through other means in the internet. The MC is not even worth talking about, even the main cast suffers this as well.
  3. Grand Blue – It was funny from the start, but got stale as in goes on. Timing got out of place where even the pacing feels constricted. The show suffered and unfortunately I won’t catch up ever again.

2 thoughts on “An Editor’s List: Watching and Dropped Shows – Summer 2018”

  1. I wouldn’t just blame Banana Fish’s “niche” status to just close-mindedness – paywalls tend to be big problems for viewers too. At least, they are for me – I’m not sure about anyone else.

    Since you’re talking about expanding your interest in the medium having its pros and cons, did you ever try Planet With or Angolmois? I’ve been enjoying those two a lot so far, although the latter has the filter and enjoyment of the former may be dependent upon tolerance for CGI.

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    1. Never heard of Planet With unfortunately.

      I keep getting word of Angolmois through Reddit and it seems I’m missing out. I even watched Golden Kamuy last season where the bear didn’t affect my enjoyment. About the filter you said I can get past that. It may be an artistic choice by the production team. Also, it seems I’ve found my substitute anime after dropping 3 shows.


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