The 5 Best Anime Openings – Summer 2018

All music belongs to the original creators. This post is used for discussion and promotion purposes.

It’s now past the halfway point this season. Nothing notable to even discuss on what is the must-watch show. But the good thing is the music we get to hear at the opening of every anime. I also covered last season’s openings if you’re interested. Now let’s cut to the chase.

#5 Futari No Hane – Hanebado!

Starting up Hanebado’s OP gets a spot in the list. The intro of it gives you warm up of what will be served. Despite the anime showing signs of inconsistency in the latest episode, it will be remembered for fluid animation. The characters… Maybe.

#4 Grand Blue – Grand Blue Dreaming

It literally fits in the summer vibe especially when the show was released. I may catch up to the manga since the adaptation is a letdown. Play this song in a bar by the beach and have a good time. Now where’s my oolong tea?

#3 Mission! Ken・Kou・Dai・Ichi – Hataraku Saibou

The song may be fun to listen, but when you see the translated lyrics it’s how the cells work (pun intended). For some reason the pre-chorus indirectly describes the relationship between White Blood Cell and Red Blood Cell. Anime can really do anything at this point now.

#2 found & lost – Banana Fish

It’s nice to see that the actual music video of anime openings is becoming available. This doesn’t sound like a song you’d normally hear on a Shoujo anime. Yet somehow it was originally published there and got an anime after many years. Behind the loud sounds are lyrics about the damaged past of the characters. There’s a symbolic meaning to it. If only I could support them via Spotify…

#1 Braver – Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki

Listen to it. What does it remind you of? Did you doubt this didn’t come from an anime? The answer is, it came from anime. I love the whole song because it isn’t a typical anime opening. When you feel down, hear songs such as this. Who knows what everyone is going through every single day. Do me a favor and support the artist by streaming this song on Spotify.

While I was making the article I was playing this song from Persona 5 on repeat. Though I never played the game I can’t stop listening to it. The character for that song really fits him well. (He’s a daddy.) He could be in this blog’s profile one day. Anyway, look forward to the best anime endings in due time.

4 thoughts on “The 5 Best Anime Openings – Summer 2018”

  1. Great list. I’m really enjoying the Cells at Work opening and I really like Banana Fish as well, though I think the OP that has most grown on me is probably the Attack on Titan one which is surprising because when I first heard it I was wondering what was going on with it.

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  2. I think since the beginning of the season I’ve been partial to the Angolmois ED, but I also like its OP. Cells at Work’s OP is fun, I think the Tsukumogami Kashimasu OP is growing on me (at first I thought the combo of traditional instruments and pop didn’t qute work) and Grand Blue’s ED is pretty good (although not as good as some of the other songs I’ve listed).

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