First Impressions: Double Decker! Doug & Kirill

double decker
Doug and Kirill are on the case!

Am I one of the few people watching this? Yes? No? Well, ok. That’s what you get when you premiere the first episode a month ago but didn’t get a following afterwards. Anyway, some things to clear up: It is NOT a spin-off to Tiger and Bunny, it’s an original series. This anime is about a two-man buddy team who cracks down cases of crime in the city. The similarities between them is the staff behind it despite coming from the same studio.

After watching the first three episodes, the show has its own brand of style with influences from American comics. Doug and Kirill isn’t the only team in this show. It also features two more teams and they are women. Surprisingly one of the female teams seems to be in a lesbian relationship and they’re not really hiding it. The ED makes it even more obvious. (Nice song by the way.) As of now it’s going through a Criminal-of-the-Week format but the good thing is they were able to give information of the main duo through Kirill’s perspective. I just want to know about that woman when the time comes. She’s got to have something new to bring to the table.

I’m really loving this anime so far. If only it didn’t start at a season when major franchises are airing at the same time. Are you into detective stories with its own style and humor? Watch this.

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