First Impressions: Yagate Kimi ni Naru

Their blossoming relationship is slow, and it’s not a bad thing.

I didn’t expect it to be this way. The senpai making moves to her kouhai yet the kouhai is numb to any form of affection. Two episodes in and I’m seeing a distinction. (Take note I haven’t read the manga.) Yuu, never experienced true love but she only has an idea through shoujo manga and love songs. On the senpai’s perspective, Nanami rejected a person’s confession no matter the gender because she doesn’t feel any emotion from them.

In the latest episode Nanami impusively kissed Yuu yet Yuu didn’t feel anything. This may be due to the fact her view of love is idealistic. She did had a relationship with a guy and she turned him down after one month. It could also be the case of only knowing the idea of love between a boy and a girl.

What makes me feel doubtful is why Nanami is doing this to her junior. Her actions make it look like it’s not her true self. At one point Yuu did comment her being unfair. I can’t seem to pinpoint it where exactly. When the time comes it should pay off well.

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