The 5 Best Anime Openings – Fall 2018

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It’s been awhile after going back here. So, this Fall 2018 season’s OPs and EDs are superior than the weaker season known as Summer 2018. And honestly, I already forgot the shows I’ve watched in that season even if I listed them down. This time on the other hand there’s more memorable songs to listen to. Only thing is the availability besides finding them on YouTube.

#5 Rightfully – Goblin Slayer

An OP with mostly English lyrics! I only watched the first episode that has no OP and it should’ve been there. In your first listening to the song you somewhat understand it but you need to replay it with subtitles. The OP describes the Goblin Slayer’s character in a warning chant. This anime is for those who love DnD with added grittiness.

#4 UNION – SSSS. Gridman

Note: I haven’t watched this show. It’s only making waves because of a certain fetish made by the people behind it. As for the OP itself, you can listen to this when you’re starting your day with no worries. The feeling of having that motivation you always wanted.

#3 17 Sai – Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara

It’s one of the more dramatic songs I’ve heard for this season. The first few seconds of it sounds different at first until when you see the visuals. P.A. Works just has a thing with their shows taking place in high school. Adding to the fact of including another love triangle in the OP too.

#2 Reimei – Golden Kamuy 2nd Season

This one seems to be out of place even in an anime like this. The good thing is that it doesn’t sound lackluster. And that’s how Golden Kamuy is, a mix of genres and storylines mashed up into one. It sounds like your normal opening except some visuals aren’t related to the actual song.

#1 Kimi no Sei – Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

I want this song to stream on Spotify. Hearing it for the first time is so addicting even on repeat. The repetition of the chorus’s lyrics has a different charm compared to Western pop songs. The lyrics fits well to the show especially to the main couple. It’s your fault if you dropped this show based on the title alone.

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