Looking Back: 5 Best Anime Openings of 2018

A smug Eiji to brighten up your day.

2018 was one hell of a ride. I’m now in my second year of college and the year’s about to close again. Things come and go but sometimes we forget to recollect what was gained. Whether it’s a personal thing or whatsoever, it’s always a good thing to look back. In the case of anime, I’ll share my best picks of anime openings of 2018.

I’m limiting it to my usual 5 because it’s easier to discuss like in my previous top 5 bests of each season (it doesn’t have Winter 2018 because the blog started at Spring 2018). Also most songs are even available on Spotify so you can have more songs to listen to. Here we go!

#5 Flashback – Kokkoku

This is the only thing I remember left from that anime. The OP was such a headbanger that I completely forgot what the story is about. Oh well, at least it made a mark in the community. In case you didn’t know the full version is available if you want to have a great song in your playlist. Link to stream.

#4 Winding Road – Golden Kamuy Season 1

Man with a Mission is one of my favorite artists to listen to. Did I already said this before? Anyway, whenever they make any theme song for a show each song is distinct to one another. And this is no different from their recent works too. I’m glad that anime music can cover a wide variety of genres. I was able to discover more Japanese music because of them. Link to stream.

#3 Bite – Megalo Box

By now you should be starting to see what are my interests. Don’t worry, I also listen to mainstream pop music too if you’re wondering. The best part of this song is when it hits the end part of the chorus. It gets me everytime. This will be my future warm-up music to play when I get more active. Link to stream

#2 Kimi no Sei – Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

The best anime OP of Fall by far. If you see the first shot of the OP without the instrumentals you know how it goes instantly. That’s how effective some songs can be. I wouldn’t be surprised if the band makes more theme songs in the future. If they would I’ll be supporting them right away. 

#1 found & lost – Banana Fish

Some songs aren’t all happy. This OP exerts so many emotions from sadness to fear to anger. Even the official lyrics says this as well. You know that an anime gives effort to their songs where it has to be a part of the whole. I don’t know for you but I love seeing some anime doing this. It adds a better experience for the viewer. Link to stream.

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