Looking Back: 5 Best Anime Endings of 2018

As promised, this is what some of you are waiting for to add in your playlists. I really need to be more productive next year. Anyway, the EDs I’ve heard so far this 2018 has stepped up a lot now. Some even sound like straight out of a high-budget production. Even if most Japanese music use anime as a way to advertise their songs, it just becomes a part of the anime you’re going to watch. Without them, who knows what you’re watching. 

#5 Reset – Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

This ED grew on me as time goes on. At first I didn’t like it in the anime but in recent episodes it’s truly fitting. It has the characteristics of a motivation song when the going gets tough. Knowing the guy who got the entire team together he had his own obstacles to face. Everyone at some point in their lives also faced their own obstacles too. Link to stream.

#4 Kimi no Tonari – Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Now, now, did you even expect this would be on the list? Truth is I don’t know any good song to pick from that season. At least the anime about adult otakus has their own jam to listen during work. The fact they are responsible adults and can balance their lives while being otakus at the same time is one skill I aspire to have. Link to stream

#3 Asayake to Nettaigyo – Kokkoku

Again, even if the anime actually has a story to talk about it seems the budget was spent to the music. When I heard it this was one of the first anime songs available on Spotify in my region. I never regretted playing it on repeat. This also opened doors to me listening to more Japanese songs becoming available on the platform. I’m really happy to see more and more anime songs becoming available to everyone. Link to stream.

#2 Prayer X – Banana Fish

Did anyone even thought this song came from an anime? I keep repeating to you I love listening to songs that doesn’t have the same format of anime songs. The official music video of the song adds more depth to its meaning. From what I’ve heard it contains some vital info from the source in plain sight. I did even watch it but I can’t pinpoint what it’s supposed to be. If anyone here knows the answer, don’t spoil it. I’ve suffered enough. Link to stream.

#1 Ref:rain – After the Rain

I applaud to the artist for making this song. Having heard a slice of her art to the anime community it’s no wonder why Aimer is one the popular anime artists today. In the show where it was used you may think it’s a song about love to your partner. It can also be interpreted as someone finding their lost selves to redeem their self-esteem. If you have your own understanding of the song I would like to hear it. Link to stream.

When next year comes there’s a lot more songs to look forward to. Whether it’ll end up as a meme or not, as long as it made an impact on you it may end up in your queue one day.

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