Fall 2018 Seasonal Anime Wrap-up

Everyone cheers you to keep on going!

This season wrecked me hard. Having watched the finale of one anime from another season, I am glad that there’s more variety. However, there are some shows I’ll not be able to catch up to. I never got the chance to go back and the next season’s coming in a few weeks. But the good thing is there are anime that’s worth the watch.

Anime I Personally Recommend

  • Banana Fish – Proceed with caution if you want to start this. The anime tells the tragedy of a young man who wants to break free from his damaged life. He did get what he wanted but it comes at a big price. If you also don’t mind the homosexual implications you’re good to go.
  • Golden Kamuy – People really slept on this anime. You should start watching this! Two seasons in and it delivered a unique story that’s only found in here. It’s about to close in a major plot point and the manga also offers more to the table.
  • Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai – Okay, almost everyone at this point kept going back for the girls’ conflict and how it’s going to be resolved. There’s also the usual waifu wars on the internet community (Futaba best girl btw). What I like here is how straightforward the MC is; his family is also a major contributor to his backstory. Having it included destroys the usual thought that parents exist in anime.
  • Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru – Do you want a solid sports anime with great characters? Then this one is for you. It follows a college student who joins a track team to win in a national running event. You may feel off by the MC at first, he opens up to the team slowly. What’s better is you get to see their individual development as episodes go by.
  • Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san – This one is a hard sell. It simply tells the story of a skull-faced bookseller and his daily life at work. There’s little animation here where it’s not the main point. What you mostly learn is the inside workings of the industry as a whole. You might giggle at the many references they give in the span of 12 minutes. It’s a nice little package if you want something different.
  • Yagate Kimi ni Naru – A yuri show that takes time. It relies on the “I can’t love this person yet I’m falling for her.” kind of relationship. It even adds spice by having a love triangle whose foundations aren’t full of misunderstandings. The girls want to make a move yet each character has their own demons to face themselves. With this kind of establishment, it could lead to a compelling drama.

2 thoughts on “Fall 2018 Seasonal Anime Wrap-up”

    1. Keep watching Yagate. Trust me. The drama gets way more in depth and it paid of really well in the latest episode. About Bunny Girl, if you like heavy dialogue + an established anime couple + anime girls being your next waifus, you may like this. It’s been compared to the Monogatari Series and Oregairu too.

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