Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 1 + 2: An Intriguing Starting Point

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a nonlinear story in anime. The first 2 episodes aired back-to-back and there’s a lot of info you need to take note. But before I continue, this will be the first time I’ll be doing episode reviews from now on. It will be done on this anime only. Also another note: I didn’t read the source nor watched the first adaptation too.

Until you disappear when the job’s done

Getting back, episode 1 basically is all set-up. There’s a severly wounded man trying get help from humans but they all ignored him. Boogiepop comes in to help and had to speak out to the crowd yet only Takeda took note of the scene. Boogiepop’s reason was to take down a monster found in Takeda’s school. At the end of the episode it jumped to the part where the monster’s finally gone, no longer causing a threat to humanity.

And this is where episode 2 comes in. What you see there takes place at the same time from the first one. In another character’s POV, Nagi attempts to investigate the school’s disappearances in her own hands. She got info about the wounded man, known as Echoes through Naoko. The monster is actually the clone of Echoes, called Manticore. Coincedentally a guy named Saotome partners up with the monster who took the identity of Akiko to blend in to society. What begs the question left is how Naoko got the info. To keeps things suspenseful, she got killed by Manticore in the same episode for relaying it.

It’s a good move that the one-hour long special utilized this. If this would be episode 1 in one hour it would drag on too long. Though the one thing it looks off is every character having the same face syndrome. But it’s understandable, if they did look different I may have a different impression by then.

2 thoughts on “Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 1 + 2: An Intriguing Starting Point”

  1. The first episode was a little dull but there were some interesting ideas and then episode 2 kind of built on it. The two episodes work fairly nicely together and I must admit I’m now a little intrigued.

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