Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 3: Loose Strings

It gets clear that you need to follow the events carefully and not get lost in it. I’ve seen that there are some who can’t keep up with what was showing here. This anime is not for everyone, mind you. What did gave me (at least) was more info about Boogiepop.

Another character whose name I won’t remember again…

Boogiepop’s character reminds me of Meme Oshino from the Monogatari Series. The one character who’s always there but will not make the final decision. Boogiepop apparently has the power to use the human’s subconsciousness to pin down the enemy. The same person even made a deal with the guy (imaged above) to finish the job.

Yet, I wasn’t satisfied of how it was unfolded. Echoes simply wants to know if humans are good or not. After he found out that humans can still be good even if some are demons, his purpose was already gone. His example of a good person was Naoko but I never got to know how she knows the info from the start. He then goes on to sacrifice himself as if nothing really happened.

On the bright side, the soundtrack was good. It did gave a good way to set the scene right. I just hope that the next arc would level up a bit.

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