Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 4: Things Makes Sense This Time

New arc, new details to look out for in plain sight. This time Boogiepop is tracking down another entity known as Imaginator. Anyone here still remembers the phrase “Sometimes it snows in April”? That will be important for this arc.

I wonder when will Boogiepop not possess Miyashita for a certain time.

Before it went back again to the confrontation, perspective has shifted once again to a new character. The guidance counselor named Asukai has a special ability to see an image of a rose in every person. For some reason, majority of the roses he sees are missing one part of it to make it complete, just like how we people lack a certain trait. He then meets Imaginator who was about to commit suicide but only he can see her. Imaginator can possess a person’s body thus controlling their consciousness.

Imaginator is actually seen in the OP if you didn’t notice. That makes her one of the main enemies of Boogiepop, and she has her own way of smug! She was supposed to be going to the afterlife and Boogiepop’s role was to guide the girl’s original soul, but somehow she doesn’t want to. At least it’s more straightforward than Echoes’ arc.

If you are still confused of what’s going on, someone in Reddit posted this spoiler-free character sheet to know who’s who. The same person also has a spoiler version but proceed with caution if you don’t want to ruin the mystery. This show can really test your skills on picking up the little things.

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