Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 5: Giving More Questions than Answers

Last week, it’s all about Asukai. This time it’s all about Masaki, the brother of Nagi, and another involved character. It’s somehow linear yet it’s a bit out of order in how they told their perspective. Comparing it from the first arc, I actually care about these characters more. Boogiepop is still here, don’t worry.

I am very much more interested about this guy than Masaki.

Masaki is your usual transfer student who has good grades and is loved by everyone. Well, not everyone. He also started a new relationship with a girl named Aya, the deadpan one. She doesn’t have any family and she’s willing to follow anyone’s instructions. They only started dating because of Masaki’s involvement in a fight. It’s really questionable when during the fight Aya’s willing to be raped by the bullies and she also asked Masaki at the start to have sex. But no, he didn’t want to because he thinks it’s not right. Twisted relationships seems to be the norm here.

Halfway into the episode we see the bully’s perspective. Anou, the bully pictured above, is actually into Masaki. He describes it as if he wants to close distances yet he can’t pinpoint what he’s feeling.

The one thing that blocks his way is Aya. Unfortunately, he got caught by a member from an organization who altered his memories and emotions. The show would’ve given more time to Anou than Masaki in the first place. Why would they prefer a boring character like him over a character trying to find out what he felt?

Boogiepop then appears to deal with the member even though Imaginator is still lurking around. The whistle Boogiepop made is a good entrance by the way. Having an organization in the mix makes it more compelling. But I did see that they cut some corners in animating this episode. On the bright side, at least the anime finds its way to keep the viewers engaged.

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