Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 7: Going In Circles

Pardon me if I can’t remember most of the things I saw in this episode. What we got this time is one conversation done in fragments that was supposed to be in full circle by the end. If you actually paid full attention to it, wow. That’s just another puzzle piece in this long arc.

This was spookier than Masaki impersonating Boogiepop.

Anyway, Masaki and Camille are doing their own schemes while he impersonates as Boogiepop. She soon realizes that they shouldn’t do it for too long or else someone might get killed, or anything, I don’t care. Even if Masaki is the brother of Nagi he doesn’t seem to have something interesting at all. The way how he handles the situation is so dull. Spooky E even commented that he’s clumsy. This is a case that you could understand their motives if you’ve read the novels.

Speaking of Spooky E, he slowly gave some information that may be important once the end is in sight. His affiliated organization has these synthetic humans that only do what they are told to do. He sees Camille as a failure because her only purpose was to have sex with males to see if a half-bred synthetic human could actually live. He even copied a girl’s identity named Kotoe and you can see the difference in their mannerisms. Kotoe is originally timid as seen in last week’s episode. After copying Kotoe feels more alive even though it was under his control. It’s my personal highlight in this episode.

Unfortunately, the actual Boogiepop didn’t have any screen time. If the next arc does the same I just want to depend on the next group of characters to make things different. The slow-budding couple is too forgettable. I’m more looking forward to Nagi now. She needs to save this arc.

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4 thoughts on “Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 7: Going In Circles”

    1. Yes, unfortunately. Boogiepop is the kind of show you need to understand in rewatches. Monogatari was also influenced by this show yet it didn’t make things too complicated. I’ll still continue this though, I want to see the end.

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