Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 8: Nearing to the Finish

This arc’s finally going somewhere. If you are still confused of the events happening, find another anime. What’s more surprising is showing the events in a linear order. There’s no flashbacks, they’re wrapping it all up but it did suffer from awkward pacing at times.

The episode even gave a lot of answers to Jin’s motives. He simply wants to remove sadness in the world. Jin doesn’t feel any emotion, only despair. To do so he dealt with Spooky E, took over his organization, and used Camille as a sacrifice to use her ‘Perfect Seed’. The infodump did make it seem like an excuse, but it’s needed.

Nagi kicked ass!

Masaki also did had his time to be useful. Except Nagi did it way better. If only the more detailed fight was lead by her. They cut corners for her scene.

If it was lead by a minor character, it’ll be too boring. Overall, the episode shows that very few characters can carry this anime alone.

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