Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 9: That’s the End for this Arc

So, Imaginator’s finally defeated, how did the overall arc fare? It had its moments yet it wasn’t utilized for a good payoff. But, Boogiepop shined this time and at least the titular character did something. The outcome was already determined from the start according to the reaper. I had to look at the discussion thread in Reddit to see what I missed.

Boogiepop’s main theme is nice by the way.

From what I understood, if Jin didn’t kidnap Camille he would go on with his plan. Due to her nature as a synthetic human she basically nullifies Jin’s actions even with the help from Imaginator. My problem with this is I felt like I’m missing context. Masaki continued on his usual antics and I’m satisfied to see Boogiepop’s words making a good point to his personality. Some characters were left in utter confusion.

The one thing I’ll give credit in this arc is the music. It feels so distinctive from other OSTs I’ve heard so far this year. If I can find the soundtrack or just the OP and ED, I’m fine with it.

There was a mention of the organization throughout this episode as the buildup to the next arc. Overall, Imaginator arc was a bit more decent than the first one. The anime has this certain trait I can’t pinpoint but it’s the one thing that keeps my attention.

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