The 5 Best Anime Endings – Winter 2019

All music belongs to the original creators. This post is used for discussion and promotion purposes.

Whenever I list some anime music, I try to list it as balanced as I could. I put some popular ones and obscure ones into the mix. I keep seeing some EDs are getting a bit more forgetful as each season goes on. Some may not be the best, but I’ll put it here to have more variety. Anyone here hates hearing the same old songs over and over again? I do. Well, sometimes.

#5 REBEL FLAG – Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

Again, this may not be the best for me (ironic, isn’t it?) since it does sound generic but I want to let people know that there’s more music available. I didn’t watch this anime too but at least I get to have a feel of it. If you know the artist too then good for you.

#4 Sentimental Crisis – Kaguya-sama: Love is War

People seem to know more about Chika’s ED more than the actual one. The songs sounds unusually melodramatic compared to the OP. When you look at the translated lyrics it depicts the feeling of love in a more intimate way. It’s already obvious in Kaguya-sama that you know who loves who. But because they haven’t actually went for it for now, you have this song.

#3 Kimi no Namae – The Rising of the Shield Hero

For an isekai anime, it sounds more of a song from a video game. Didn’t start this one too yet it has the feeling of accomplishment. As if going through many battles and you’re going to get rewarded in any way. If I’m the kind of person who loves these kinds of genres, it would’ve been my #1.

#2 Zettai Zetsume – The Promised Neverland

On the other hand, The Promised Neverland’s ED captures the true atmosphere behind the “happiness”. Its usage of a piano in a fast-paced rhythm gives it the unsettling tone. The singer’s voice makes it even better. It keeps you on the edge. I’m tempted to read the manga but I’m okay with what the anime offered to me. Such a good show.

#1 Whiteout – Boogiepop wa Warawanai

Now this one has its own style. It grew on to me when I heard it in the first episode. The most notable lyrics in the song always have the word “free” sung with different phrases. In the final chorus it actually slows down along with the singer. It might sound like an error in the audio but it’s not. I see someone giving an effort into their work. And it worked.

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5 thoughts on “The 5 Best Anime Endings – Winter 2019”

  1. Shield definitely has that videogame vibe, like you said. I’m enjoying neverland, both op and ed. I haven’t made any progress on asuka, so can’t say.

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      1. I’ll be a bit biased here. I’m really enjoying it, I’ve seen a few fantasy/isekai anime and most just end up being a disappointment, hopefully shield won’t end up like the others. It’s really boils down to taste.

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