Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 14: Familiar and New Faces

We have now reached the last arc for this show. Going back to the usual weekly format felt so different from the 4-episode release. The story is going to the straightforward approach again, and I don’t mind. Despite its choices, it was able to keep you looking forward to the next episode.

Whoever designed this building makes me wonder the amount of money spent.

It opens up to an unusual building on its opening date. Takeda, the guy from the first few episodes, calls Touka to have a date at the same place where they first met. There’s also some old characters from the start making a comeback once more to remind you that they exist. The building was owned by Teratsuki, the billionaire who was described in the recent episodes. He was supposed to be dead yet we see him interacting with a kid talking about being distorted.

Just in case if I forgot, Teratsuki also had connections to the Towa Organization as he was also the same person Scarecrow originally tracked down. Due to internal conflicts things happened and the only thing he left is the building. No one even knows what was the purpose of constructing it.

Boogiepop then speaks to Takeda through telepathy first. Apparently he sees the reaper more than his actual girlfriend, yet Boogiepop states they only appear if a threat is looming. It means his date will only come once it has been dealt with. Poor guy.

Remember him? He’s Keiji Takeda, Touka’s unlucky boyfriend.

Niitoki Kei, the school president, felt scared seeing Takeda again. She got caught up seeing an illusion of her past. The one who was controlling refers himself as the King of Distortions. Kei was able to see the illusion because she still had feelings for Takeda even though he’s in a relationship with Touka. Distortion King can only do this if a person has a lingering desire in their hearts. It’s notable that only now we get to see a bit of her character.

The opening date then reached its troubles. As some people entered, the building’s systems got hijacked and closed the main entrance leaving some people trapped. This includes the president, the archer, and some new characters I’ve forgot who their names are yet I still know them. For an episode mostly on buildup, it was decent yet it wasn’t on the level of Episodes 10-13. If I had a chance, this show is better on rewatches. There are lots of hidden details throughout I may have missed.

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