Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 15: The Past Haunts You

King of Distortion loves to play on a person’s dreams, no? We still don’t know the true objective of why he’s doing it in the first place. Also, he doesn’t seem to have a permanent identity. He possesses people who are involved in the past of a victim. The only notable difference is the eyes.

Teratsuki’s background is simply complicated.

There’s some more info about Teratsuki at least. He was supposed to be the father of Makoto, the son of the mother from last week’s episode. Yet he stated he can’t even bear a child. (Correct me if I’m wrong here.) Teratsuki only thinks the mother’s intention was to get his fortune and he predicted his own death 6 years from now. But in reality he died 8 years after his premonition. As the mother ages, she went back to the same place where they had their most memorable time. She wasn’t aware of the person playing the strings behind the dead billionaire.

It then shifts to another female character named Sakiko but it didn’t feel like she contributed much to the arc. We saw King of Distortion again possessing her now-dead close friend. He said his intention was to turn things to gold while the rock music playing in the background was a sign of him getting the victim.

The one who did got most of the contribution was Habara, the hacker. He actually met Nagi in one of his operations of selling information to the black market. She spent time with him but he was aware that this is all a dream. King of Distortion acknowledged him and he sees the world as a living nightmare.

As Habara escapes, he saw Makoto on the way while they are being chased by an imaginary Godzilla. Makoto was the same kid who wanted the building to be destroyed by a monster one day. He did get what he wanted. The only way to get away from the dream was to go back to the building and find yourself to wake up.

Boogiepop didn’t appear this episode by the way. And it’s not a bad thing. Though I do see a minor problem in the dream sequence. In the talk between the mother and Teratsuki, you’ll only see a static background and it’s not as engaging as how Monogatari does it. There’s still some more time left. I’ll have low expectations so I can enjoy the payoff once it’s done.

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  1. Oh, I didn’t even make the connection that Makoto wanted to see a monster destroy the building and then that’s what he saw…! I really like this arc, I’m probably gonna end up rewatching it once it’s actually completed.

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