Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 16: It Comes From the Self

We’re getting slightly psychological here. King of Distortion doesn’t have a permanent identity in the first place because it varies from person to person. In one conversation, it’s simply a split personality. Some believe, some don’t. It’s part of a person’s clinging desires who wanted it to be real.

I would love to eat this right now.

The statues are the ones who don’t have any lingering desires left from what I see. Niitoki has one, she wanted to be in a relationship with Takeda. She is also jealous of Miyashita being his girlfriend. After realizing someone is in her way, Saotome acts a gate to let her find out why he’s still a part of her. Boogiepop unexpectedly expresses their own jealousy towards Miyashita too. They still don’t know what is the exact threat as of yet, and it seems the dream world is now colliding with the real one.

Remember Makoto? He had a desire of seeing the monster for real. There was a scene where the monster, named Zooragi, who was supposed to be his ideal father. It could be the fact he didn’t met his true father in the first place, so he imagined one on his own. The Godzilla was also the same monster stomping the building’s surroundings. Boogiepop then helps the kid out and even fights against the creature. One little detail is I saw is Makoto acknowledging Boogiepop as a man even though they don’t have a specific gender. Most people didn’t saw these tiny details at face value however.

I still wonder what’s with all the talk about turning things to gold. Boogiepop states that they only appear if a threat is looming. The reaper doesn’t even need to fight the thing. The actual goal for King of Distortion is still not in sight.

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