Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 17: Tracing Your Inner Self

It’s almost the end. The final arc gives us a look of the character’s innermost mindset when it comes to their mistakes. Niitoki seems to have it figured out. And Boogiepop even engages with one of the affected, namely Sakiko. I mostly see her as a minor character for the sake of this arc but she brought something to the table at least.

Sakiko’s encounter with the King of Distortion wasn’t unlike the others which taunted them. She lamented for the death of her close friend even if she didn’t do anything. King of Distortion suggested to remove all of her worries and turn things to gold to end the sufferings. Sakiko wanted to get rid of all the bad people in the world so her friend would still be alive. When Boogiepop heard of this, they thought that her own kindness was distorted. It did reach to the conclusion to the saying, “All that glitters is not gold.”, in a more Boogiepop perspective. I still need to do a rewatch or a re-reading once it’s done.

Does anyone still find it off that we saw him “alive” in the beginning of the arc?

On the other hand, Teratsuki’s reason why he built the Moon Temple was to find people who are capable of dealing with the Towa Organization. He himself is a synthetic human with connections to the organization and used all of his remaining fortune to build the temple. Only Habara and Tanaka found the video message in his office. I wonder why the password to unlocking the building is “Stairway to Heaven”. Am I missing something?

As the video message ended with a beheading of Teratsuki, Tanaka changed. One last twist to finish an oddball of an anime. It is time for someone who’s forgettable from the start to make an impression.

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