Carole & Tuesday Episode 1: Getting into the Music

This show has been on my most anticipated for this season. And it did! For a futuristic setting, it shows a middle ground for the main leads. Majority of the human race heavily relies on AI to the point their own lives is dominated by them.

Two women wants to stir things up. Tuesday ran away from the family’s riches because she’s been sheltered for too long. It’s already obvious given how she commuted to the city for the first time. On the flip side, Carole knows how harsh the environment is. She lives by herself, goes on odd jobs, and got recently fired. Despite their differences they understand each other through music. Direct references to real-life artists is going to be the motif for the anime.

Their first performance together was beautiful to watch.

One contrast I see is even though humans lived on another planet, there’s still the same old class struggles. Alba City literally has two separate looks. If I would get the chance, I wouldn’t mind moving in to Carole’s apartment. It looks more welcoming than living in a space full of AI. There’s even the theme of bringing out genuine creativity in a world where the concept of art is alien.

The main highlight is seeing their first performance. From the first few tries they weren’t in sync. Experiencing this looks fascinating on the process of making a song. You know that they’re going to make it big one day. Why? They got chased by the cops for busking in public. The two has the same dream they want to pursue, which is becoming musicians.

They’re not the only ones at least. Angela, the rising star who’s also the only human artist in the industry already made waves. I am curious to see how it works with the usage of AI. Right now, I can’t wait to listen to more of their songs.

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