Carole & Tuesday Episode 2: New Opportunities

For a fictional world set in Mars, it's no different to our own world currently. What's interesting to see is that despite the popularity of AI, it is still built on music created by humans. This will most likely go on the argument on which is better: AI-generated music? Or real music? Bit-by-bit we get… Continue reading Carole & Tuesday Episode 2: New Opportunities

First Impressions: Sarazanmai

Before I'll start this anime wasn't in my preview for this season. After looking up most of them I gave this show a chance. After 2 episodes in, I'm in love with it. It's drastically different in terms of presentation. You get placeholder crowds, blatant ads, song numbers, transformation sequences, flamboyantly gay men, cross-dressing, drugs,… Continue reading First Impressions: Sarazanmai