Carole & Tuesday Episode 2: New Opportunities

For a fictional world set in Mars, it’s no different to our own world currently. What’s interesting to see is that despite the popularity of AI, it is still built on music created by humans. This will most likely go on the argument on which is better: AI-generated music? Or real music?

Bit-by-bit we get to know more about our main duo. Carole’s years in the orphanage were a bit rough as she doesn’t hold back while being made fun of. On another soon-to-be former job, she laughed while in a funeral as she was supposed to make things memorable. Tuesday still shows off her sheltered princess personality but knows the consequences of holding a black card. The reason why she left home could be predicted as her own mother is rumored to be running for future president of the state.

Angela’s ended up as a test subject for Mr. Tao. Angela wanted to get her new song but she got it through a questionable process. You should know that Mr. Tao handles a lot of AI artists. He has that stoic scientist vibe who only wants results and nothing else.

The former famous DJ now producer is going play a role at one point.

We also got to know two producers. One was a big shot in the industry while the other went under intoxication. Both of them know how it works and they have their own ideals. One will pave the way for Carole and Tuesday.

Remember that song the two first performed? It’s their ticket to popularity. The two performed the same song with better stage presence. They got caught on camera despite not being aware and became viral on the internet. One little detail is seeing Tuesday unconsciously not looking to the audience since she’s a runaway. Also there’s no typical advanced sci-fi technology used to track them down. Only by a facial search engine it lead to their own Instagram page. It is a fact that we carelessly leave a digital footprint no matter what we do.

Things were now setting in motion as the duo got a new manager named Gus. He’s the drunkard who detests AI music. Even with his appearance he’s got something up his sleeves. Will it last enough for the 24-episode run?

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