First Impressions: Kono Oto Tomare!

This girl Hozuki seems to be the one carrying the show so far.

This one’s a mixed bag. Yeah, you read that right. Among all that showed their first episodes I had to give this anime 3 episodes to know where it’s supposed to go. It’s still rough on the edges.

What it mostly shows is the Koto Club and the problems they face. The anime introduced Takezou as the only remaining member left because his seniors have already graduated. While he finds new member, Kudou the delinquent joined out of all people. Turns out the delinquent’s background actually shows his interest in playing the instrument the club uses. They also introduced 3 new members but they’re there for comedic relief. It all felt hollow until the arrival of the female prodigy Hozuki.

She changed the course of the show as she’s more straightforward in her goals than Takezou. The endgame is simple: have the club win at the nationals. The first guy did try his best except he didn’t do much. But it’s not about her background that’s selling. It’s how she deals with new people. When everyone else is doing their roles she wants everything moving in her way except she still doesn’t want to open up.

The weird thing is despite Takezou being the first character introduced he was placed into the background after two episodes. Dynamics rely heavily on Hozuki and Kudou. And I’m not complaining. The story would still be the same if the club revolves around those two. It’s going to be a slow and steady payoff.

3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Kono Oto Tomare!”

    1. Yes. It adapted the first chapter of the manga but it compressed 80 pages worth for the first episode alone. Got this info from reddit and if you did watch it blind there’s too much info to digest. The pace got a bit better by Episode 3. If it does improve I might wait for the second half airing this Fall.


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