Carole & Tuesday Episode 3: Challenging the System

Don’t ever mess with Tuesday. She wants to make music cause she loves to. Block her way she can screw you over. Carole can do the same but I never expected the her to do it. I have my respect for Tuesday now. Looks are deceiving at first glance.

Going back, being in the highest position doesn’t always equate to humility. Ertegun just missed a big opportunity for not even giving Carole and Tuesday a chance to listen to their songs. He’s too caught up in his own world. It says a lot in his home full of works which can’t be understood by many; oh, and his women too. Did anyone here saw Banksy’s shredded art? He’s been contributing a lot to AI music even after his peak years. Once the two reaches the so-called Miraculous 7 Minutes, he’s going to regret it.

Their reaction was on point.

Gus better teach the girls what he knows. It’s funny to see even with the references to Western artists of today, the duo aren’t aware of them. Music preferences changes over time from one generation to another.

Behind the scenes we saw Angela resisting to Tao’s methods. Even with the fame she has now, she’s still not getting what she wants. Her parent is also aware of the place she’s in. In the industry, if you’re not known after your initial debut you fail as an artist. That’s what her parent fears. Take a look at the scene when Angela’s being interviewed. She’s following what’s being instructed yet the higher ups doesn’t care of her best efforts. Angela should take note her parent’s advice.

Everything’s going smoothly (for now) since we’ve witnessed the main challenge for Carole and Tuesday. They will prove him wrong. I even like how it’s not presented in an exaggerated way. It goes to show the two have big dreams.

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