Carole & Tuesday Episode 4: Taking the First Step

This week we see the budding musicians make their first music video. Even if the outcome was already determined from the start, it’s nice to see how everyone is willing to give their efforts. It might be a filler episode to some and I get that. Not all shows rely heavily on pushing the story forward in each episode.

Roddy, the guy who started the entire video, bought an AI robot who claims to be the best in making videos. He ignored the 1-star rating based on 2000 reviews. From that alone the outcome has already been set. But everyone in the group went on with it. They were having fun in creating the video because all the characters want to get the feeling of doing something in their line of work. There’s even a revelation about our manager Gus.

Roddy stole the spotlight this episode.

In the video-making process Gus contacted his ex-wife Marie. She thought it’s about rekindling their old flame yet he claims the video is for work. Marie did her part and turns out she will be remarried to a woman. Carole and Tuesday even saw the kiss between the future couple. When the shooting was over she told about the remarriage and Gus accepted it because he wanted her to have her own happiness. Her looks alone already shows and it’s great that it was handled very well. The good part is we see important representation which has been on the rise these days.

Also, it seems Ertegun is into Roddy. He can’t say no the guy and Roddy blatantly seduced him through his shy personality. The guy’s into anime, has a Gundam collection (which was destroyed in the making of the video), knows to dance, and got permission to use one of Ertegun’s convertibles. There’s always something more than how he was introduced in the beginning.

The final video was a mess, except it didn’t look bad. It’s even funny they used the ED for the show as the music. Most people who try to create something for the first time won’t create the best one. But hey, it’s a start.

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