The 5 Best Anime Openings – Spring 2019

All music belongs to the original creators. This post is used for discussion and promotion purposes.

This 5 best list is slightly different to past ones. Why you ask? I’m now including OPs from anime that’s not in my to-watch seasonal posts. Looking back it felt too skewed because I ignored what those seasons offered. After doing it bit-by-bit I’ve appreciated more and more shows even if I never have the time to watch them. Honestly, this Spring 2019 is lacking by a long shot. We’ve been spoiled too much from the first two seasons this year. Without further ado, here’s the 5 best!

#5 Seishun Seminar – Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

It’s a bit confusing for the fact the name of the artist is called Study. I thought I heard the female VAs singing the OP theme because it’s another school romantic comedy with only one male MC in which the teacher is actually included in the harem. Did you understand that sentence? If not, that’s okay. I’ve been lying low on these types of shows because the only endpoint is which girl the MC should be with. But who am I to judge here, I didn’t start this one.

#4 Hitoribocchi no Monologue –
Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

This is one of the most memed anime this season due to the girl’s actions which relates to a lot of cringe moments in real life. I know that I have my own embarrassing moments too. I won’t say them! One word to describe this song: cute. That’s all I could say about it.

#3 Kotonoha no Omoi – Senryuu Shoujo

For an anime about a girl who only communicates through written poetry, the song actually has a good instrumental. It builds on that premise where you could get a taste of what the anime actually offers. After a few listens it’s quite addicting to the ears. I may look up at this show when the season is over.

#2 Again – Fruits Basket (2019)

Are we back to the early 2000’s K-drama? Hearing it for the first time feels like I’m watching a live-action rather than an anime. Maybe it’s I’m too used to hearing opening themes which uses recycled beats and timings from when I was younger. Also I didn’t watch that many Shoujo anime back in the day. Here’s one thing I noticed: this demographic didn’t become as popular now as it was before. If most people gave these kinds of shows a chance then it wouldn’t be overshadowed by popular franchises.

#1 Kiss Me – Carole & Tuesday

I know some of you are keeping up with my Episode Reviews and I’m grateful for it. Among all anime this season, the opening of Carole & Tuesday stands out the most to me. One, it’s written entirely in English. Two, it’s such a good song! The Western influences and throwback to vintage music makes it a song worth listening to. It’s no wonder the medium can have as much creative freedom as it can. I couldn’t find the full version yet because it hasn’t released yet. But when that full version drops, I want it in my playlist.

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