The 5 Best Anime Endings – Spring 2019

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Here’s another list! Though you may know about my opinion on this season of anime, there’s still the ending songs to hear after an episode. I wonder if some production company were to remove this part of anime (including the opening songs too). Would you still watch an anime like this? I know some people who skip these songs because they only want to see the after-credits scene of some shows. As someone who listens to both OP and ED, removing this aspect will give a drastically different watching experience. That’s just me. Anyway, back to the main topic:

#5 Isekai Girlsโ™กTalk – Isekai Quartet

I’ve seen some episodes of this anime. But this song alone carried the show for me. Having the visuals presented in 8-bit style and especially having Tanya to dance is worth the listen. Plus it’s an eargasm! If you are familiar with all of the female characters singing here, you’re in it for a treat.

#4 Speechless – Kono Oto Tomare!

I misjudged this anime. The club has found their harmony and proved the school wrong. At first the song felt off from what was shown but it grew on me especially when the members found their place. They know how to encourage each other and they even accept their own faults. Also here’s the solo part of Kudo featured in the best episode of the anime so far. Really, people should give this one a chance. If you want the full performace, it’s actually uploaded to its official channel performed by professional musicians. A word of warning since it shows panels directly from the manga. Just the sound alone will take your breath away.

#3 Hold Me Now – Carole & Tuesday

It’s the most cheerful ED I’ve heard in a while now. You can play it in the background and it boosts your motivation to do something. When you feel down in the dumps, you better hear this. There’s the saying that music can awaken things most people can’t do at first. For an anime centered on music, it shows.

#2 Chizu ga Nakutemo Modoru kara – One Punch Man Season 2

Only now I just found out this ED was sung by Saitama himself. Yes, you read that right. Even with the subpar animation, questionable pacing, and other issues present this song felt out of place yet it somehow fits…? Still, the anime isn’t what I used to know back in Season 1. But I see the studio is trying their best to deliver. I’m only in it for Saitama left at this point and I’m getting hesitant to watch a possible Season 3 of this. Can there be another studio change?

#1 Stand by Me – Sarazanmai

This is the most melancholic and nostalgic one so far. Also I love listening to the peggies since Bunny Girl Senpai. When you look up at the lyrics there’s some weight to it as it questions if a person is strong enough to their own burdens. The anime also discusses this with supporting imagery for the three main characters. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an accurate translation of the full song. But if English lyrics are now available I’ll take a closer look. I love it when songs are connected to the anime in one way or another because you can interpret a lot of things. This is why theme songs in anime are part of the overall viewing experience.

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