Carole & Tuesday Episode 5: Finding a Home

At this point Carole and Tuesday are sick of Gus’ ways of making it big. With two failed attempts the so-called manager used his only connection left to recommend them to perform at the biggest music festival. On the sideline, Roddy finds his way to get them their first gig. Which by the way, Roddy took the spotlight of narrating this episode. It’s also the turning point of the anime because there’s two performances shown.

While Tuesday’s brother attempts to find his sister on behalf on his mother, Roddy finds the place for the two to perform but on the condition of being the opening act. Regardless, they have a chance to get make their name. At the same time Dahlia checked on Angela since she doesn’t see any progress from Tao’s experiments. Tao then gave an opportunity to Angela to sing an acappella song in front of another big shot in the industry for 12 million.

Tao knowing Dahlia’s past of committing assault is unexpected because it raises a question of casually sharing sensitive information. Even Gus’ closest connection Hรถfner looked up at the two girls’ info through his pseudo-Google Glass. He thinks that Carole and Tuesday are still amateurs and didn’t even give the pass due to his position in the industry. Gus taunts him for only caring his own company and it struck a chord.

Watching this performance while wearing earphones is the best choice I made.

Seeing the two performances already shows the parallels of what the girls are going through. Angela sang in a wide empty space with only Tao and the big shot inside. Carole and Tuesday performed in a small bar with an audience of 10 people (11 if you include Tuesday’s brother). You can even feel the conviction in their voices. I am waiting for the day when the soundtrack is out. During the performance in the bar Tuesday’s brother didn’t interrupt them as he was convinced through her voice alone she found her home.

It’s ironic yet notable that her brother respects her decision of running away. Roddy admirably describes the event as their number 1 fan. Can’t he be the manager instead? When the performance was over Gus got a call and it ends there. They’re now done with showing the tip of the iceberg. All the setup so far has been worth the buildup and I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

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