Carole & Tuesday Episode 6: A Rough Performance

Following their small gig Carole and Tuesday got a chance to perform at a music festival akin to Coachella. Gus wasn’t the one who arranged it but Beth. She got the go signal from Hofner and passed the message to him. The sudden shift is overwhelming for the two, and they can’t let go of their excitement and anxiety.

Fitting for a music festival, there are five performances (two of them are mainly instrumental). They’re going all out with their music except the animation took a dip this week. We get to see new characters and their songs already shows what kind of person they are. That aside, the two girls are backup once more due to Joshua’s notorious background of being a scandalous person. He sings rock and fell off the stage even though no one was complaining.

Skip’s hard-boiled aura is not what you think it is.

It’s uncomfortable seeing Carole and Tuesday’s on the stage in such an anticipated event. They attempted to stand in for Joshua as the crowd threw bottles at them and I can’t blame them. The crowd was eager to watch their favorite artist and that’s what they get. Their performance was still entertaining to watch at least. The lyrics of the song fits in the situation they’re in now. Before the two actually performed, they met Skip inside his trailer while they’re hiding from Ertegun.

What caught my attention is the contrast from Skip’s intro to his performance. He’s shown as an intimidating guy yet he sang about heartbreak. The song was also co-written by Crystal, suggesting he had a relationship with her. I’m intrigued to see both of their backstories. Crystal on the other hand has that pop diva vibe and even brightened up Carole and Tuesday’s spirits. The two veteran artists gave their approval to the rookies and it looks like they’ll be helping them at some point. Ertegun is just… doing his thing. This self-proclaimed world famous DJ dropped the ball for not giving the girls a chance.

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