Carole & Tuesday Episode 7: Talent, the Old Fashioned Way

Now that I think about it, Carole and Tuesday haven’t actually met Angela yet. From the near-disaster performance last time they’re now going to get famous in the most traditional journey ever. Yes, they’ll be in the Mars Brightest talent show. Angela is going to perform as a special guest while the two girls participate through the auditions. This is the least likely thing to happen in this anime, but hey, let’s see how it all unfolds.

Normally other anime would only show a small number of extra performances yet they placed a lot here. The auditions itself has a lot of references to other music I can’t pinpoint. Who here got surprised by dubstep granny?

What was not present here is not hearing a new song from Carole and Tuesday. This take opened up some interesting points about the budding artists. As they are asked by the judges Carole revealed she came from Earth at a refugee camp which explains why she’s an orphan. Tuesday didn’t have the confidence to answer the question due to the fear of being caught by her family. Take note, her brother found her but didn’t intervene.

Angela is dead serious about the talent show.

Angela wanted to do things her way without the aid of Dahlia. Her reminiscence with her parent uncovers an abusive past. It was told by Tao himself that she was involved in a case. There is an old picture of Dahlia with Angela as a man and I’ll refer to the parent as a she even with the official site’s description as an intersex. Male or Female, the parent did something horrible to their child. Angela longed for the popularity built by herself so she took the opportunity. It’s going to be a winding road for her once she does meet up with Carole and Tuesday.

Tuesday’s problem is her insecurities. She’s a dropout while her brother is a Harvard graduate and mother is a politician in practice. Personally I didn’t feel bad for Tuesday since she is rich, except as stated by Carole she feels like herself when she talks to her closest friend. Tuesday also shines when she’s with her. I still want to know why her mother rejects her daughter’s actions. Then they soon realize they’ll be participating in the talent show and it’s to be expected.

By gaining self-esteem, they tried to make a handshake on their own. Guess who taught them to do the proper way, it’s the Laundry Guy first seen a few episodes ago. Little nods like this make the experience worthwhile.

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