Carole & Tuesday Episode 8: Competition is Tough

I don’t know which surprised me more, the suave dance performance or the opera rap? (The dance performance killed it. Sorry Bulldog.) We’re into the first part of the talent show and it gave an important insight about Carole & Tuesday. Oh and they finally meet Angela too! It’s a bit of a bummer that we’ll have to wait until next week for Angela’s song. For a tournament, having eight contestants is actually small since the talent show could wrap up as a 3-episode arc.

While meeting the contestants there’s this so-called big fan of Tuesday named Cybelle. She (or he?) has this unsettling aura. For some reason she might be related to Tao given her looks. Her androgynous appearance makes it a bit difficult to determine her actual gender. Maybe it’s the Martian environment. Going back, Cybelle is aggressive in getting Tuesday’s number as she even misnamed Carole. Tuesday didn’t notice those red flags and got spam messages from her after their match. She just spells bad news.

For a guy who’s only interested in getting popular, he’s got the moves.

Pyotr’s performance set the bar quite high. He’s known as your typical social media influencer yet his charming moves gave him a spot in the next round. The guy is a one-man boy band. Comparing it to Carole and Tuesday’s makes it too easy to find which is the superior one. They’ve got to step up.

The girls’ opponent has the most unexpected act so far. Bulldog claims to be a former drug dealer, wherein his rap instrumentals is combined to his Latin opera vocals. Turns out the judges exposed his true background as a pharmacist through his grandmother. I felt bad for him though.

Now, Carole and Tuesday’s new song is too ordinary for me. I agree with the judges for their comment of their plain performance. They’re the only ones in the anime who doesn’t use AI except the song feels too similar to past ones. I get that they’re trying to use their genuine soul in the competition but it looks like not everyone likes indie-pop. I also listen to these kinds of songs and it goes against what mainstream pop songs sounds like. As I said before, they need to deliver better.

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