Carole & Tuesday Episode 9: Singing Your Heart Out

It’s now Round 2 in the Mars Brightest talent show. Carole and Tuesday are on the sidelines this week since they’ve won the match last time. Behind the scenes there’s a setup for a future conflict on the way. Carole saw Tuesday’s mother on a big screen discussing about Mars’ political situation, she then realizes how big of an issue Tuesday did for running away. When both are back on set Cybelle kept continuing her obsession to Tuesday to the point of crossing a line. I’ll get back to there.

The first two contestants are something else. GGK’s introduction was a bit weird but her song was alright. You can hear bits of a person being high and the notes she hit are on point. And then there’s the Mermaid Sisters. They sing in perfect harmony yet they basically swear in their own song. I wonder how did they got past the auditions… If I had a link to their performance you’d get what I’m saying here.

Cybelle, you do know privacy exists right?

When it was Cybelle’s turn she thought she could persuade Tuesday into becoming her singing partner. Her way of doing that was to give Tuesday a hickey on her neck. She doesn’t really know the concept of personal space. Carole even called out to Tuesday for not speaking out. It is uneasy to see that someone like her had to go through that.

The song however, is nice. She sang in French and her entire performance is a confession towards the love of her life. Tuesday’s reaction of the song didn’t change her view towards Cybelle at least.

What’s even more unusual is Tao reaching out to the two girls. He learned that it’s possible to write songs without relying on AI. Angela frowned because she wanted to see him only to realize that he already left. On stage she wants to prove her skill to the judges, and sang the same song Move Mountains with a familiar pop feel. By the way, it seems the budget was spent on Pyotr’s dance so she had to be animated in 3D in some shots. Comparing the two versions so far I like the a cappella version more. The version heard here sounds like I’ve heard a similar song too many times before, but with different lyrics.

As the judges gave their verdict, GGK and Angela are proceeding to the semifinals. Cybelle had to use her loss to give one last push to her biggest “idol”. And it’s about time Tuesday having the guts to reject her. Good thing Carole is there with her, if she did join with Cybelle who knows what she would do?

From what’s happening so far the competition is just getting started. I want to see how Carole and Tuesday’s style clashes with Angela’s.

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