Carole & Tuesday Episode 10: The Breaking Point

I’ve been wondering when the competition is going to end. The performances this episode are fine but not as great as last week. If I had a decision to it, GGK’s song was the best. Pyotr’s was okay since he was trying to find himself. Though the contrasting difference to him vlogging himself to singing on stage might be one thing I need to adjust myself to.

What caught me off-guard was Ertegun being this month’s guest judge. I think his appearance is needed because the AI dog judge didn’t make much of an impression to me. He saved this episode. The other judges simply did their roles. It’s a bit sad to see GGK’s background was cut short to make way for Angela. She respects Angela’s win and didn’t become bitter about her loss.

Seeing this bracket I have a feeling Angela will win solely on the judges’ preferences.

For Angela, she just wanted to win the competition. Her song change was a last-minute decision based only on Tao’s gut feeling. The song is catchy, yet hollow. This must be why AI is so widespread in their world. Plus it seems her new manager is plotting something behind her back.

Cybelle, the stalker who gave her last goodbye (or not) tried to cheer Tuesday for their upcoming performance. We were left hanging to not know what her true intentions are for the moment. The short appearance of being caught on Pyotr’s camera was a nice touch to know that she’s still creepy. My head was scratching to see that Tuesday feels responsible for Cybelle so she had to look for her. Carole is starting to feel the disconnection. She herself notes that they are out-of-sync and it’s not a good sign. This doesn’t feel like a sci-fi music anime anymore but more of a music show with drama and little sci-fi to it. Remember that they hired an AI to make a music video? Yes? No? Well, moving on.

Carole even prepared a gift for Tuesday right before their performance. Seeing Tuesday getting lost as she was going back further supports the disconnection between the two. I question why Carole didn’t say anything to her in the first place. In another room, Tuesday opened a different gift not made by Carole which damaged her finger. Ending it this way puts them in the biggest obstacle they have to face.

10 episodes in the anime somehow loses its sight from the beginning. They need to wrap this arc up with an acceptable resolution. There’s still time left being a 24-episode show.

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