Carole & Tuesday Episode 11: Interfering the Wrong Way

Carole stole the spotlight. For a competition that’s been dragging she was able to state the obvious. She not only carried the performance, she shows how much she’s been through as an orphan. Carole got the chance to speak out live to know she’s here. Plus she tried to reach a running vehicle on foot as Tuesday gets hostage by Valerie’s bodyguards. If only the competition was written differently the interruption with Tuesday’s family would’ve occurred earlier.

Tuesday’s damaged hand was all because of Cybelle. It was unfortunately too blatant based on the way she acted towards Tuesday since the beginning of the talent show. The anime tried to give other possibilities with other characters as suspects but it failed. Funnily enough, Gus’ attempt to solve the case backfired since he pointed fingers while Roddy used his head. Also, Angela is truly looking forward to face Carole and Tuesday. She genuinely cared for Tuesday’s condition and there is something more than her initial disdain towards them.

Being the rival, she wants to play fair and square.

The one thing I don’t like is Tuesday herself. She’s playing the sheltered rich girl so much it had to be the main conflict for this first half. This arc shows a lot of missed opportunities. What’s worse is having a subplot with a stalker. If this competition were shorter, the outcome would still be the same. The other participants only added filler.

From all the songs Carole and Tuesday performed so far, majority of them wasn’t able to reach the same level as The Loneliest Girl from Episode 1. Next episode seems to be the culmination of this arc. I can only hope this will at least save the anime and it would get back on track.

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