Carole & Tuesday Episode 12: Back to Where it All Started

It’s the finals of the Mars Brightest! There’s no time to jam to the OP and ED since it picks up directly from last week’s episode. And it’s really needed. Seeing Tuesday locked up in her room for one week because of running away is a petty punishment if you ask me. Valerie only showed disappointment to her daughter and it shows. My view of Tuesday has now changed slightly since she grew up with an oblivious mother who only thinks of herself.

There seem to be a running joke whenever Gus tries to plan something it always never goes out as planned. Also poor Roddy got tasered by Valerie’s security system. The best part is seeing Spencer, the brother of Tuesday, who still supports her sister despite her being looked down by their mother. Having Carole and Tuesday apologizing to each other solidifies what’s been missing in this arc: looking out to each other. When Carole finally gave the birthday present to Tuesday it rekindled what was supposed to be done since Episode 1. The development to getting her back was a nice comedic touch.

What’s interesting is Angela. She wins by default because the two girls weren’t present at the start of the finals. Angela didn’t want it that way. With her admitting she only wanted Dahlia’s approval makes sense considering her attitude towards the two since the start of the show. She wanted to have someone who is equal to her – and it makes a good rival. I think most people forgot the fact her own entire subconscious was being tracked by Tao’s lab. With it as a base his AI did most of the work which composed her songs. Creepy if you think about it.

Seeing Ertegun impressed by both performances he’s got to have a change of heart at one point.

Carole and Tuesday didn’t care for winning at this point, so they performed the full version (Yes, full version!) of the Loneliest Girl. There’s this certain lyric that parallels the two contestants about the word ‘fire’. Heck, Angela’s final song is even called Light a Fire. In the end, they both got a debut for being the new musicians.

The lowest part of this episode is they could’ve give a better buildup. It crammed plot points which made it convenient for the plot to move forward. We didn’t get to know about Spencer more and he’s just a stepping stone for Tuesday. Same goes with Angela’s manager. Why was she even there? There’s also this random old man who helped the two to reach the train station. Most of the animation were spent on the performances and I see a lot of stills in this arc. Nitpicking aside, I’m glad it’s over – for now.

When the next half of the show comes, I can’t wait to see that one performance they’ve been teasing since the beginning.

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