Carole & Tuesday Episode 13: Rivalries and Drama

The one-week break helped a lot since it covered the first half of the show. And here comes the second part! Comparing the new theme songs, these kinds of songs will just grow on me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to hearing the first ones and I can adjust to it. Mostly a set-up episode, one may guess where the anime could go at this point forward.

Angela taking up with a major label while Carole and Tuesday go independent is an expected choice. This goes in-line with their character and we even got to see a lot of interactions. The little things shown here is actually the strongest part of the entire show. I know the songs are also another factor but look at the tiniest of details. Without them, for me, it wouldn’t work.

The sci-fi setting is basically a cover up because it now tackles things you see in the real world. Gus literally says they have an interview with Pitchfork. Carole and Tuesday’s first interview is with Allen – a black male version of Ellen. And the most obvious: Valerie’s character is a combination of Trump and Hillary.

Dann (on the left) is a good man.

My personal highlight is the introduction of Dann. He’s first seen in the laundromat who claims to be going on with his travels. When he protected the two girls he’s got that vigilant aura I like. Carole’s initial reaction of not recognizing him at first gives the biggest hint of who he is. I don’t blame her, she lives on her own. It’s a matter of time until the eventual reveal.

Should I be disappointed? Nope. I’m invested enough to see the end of the show despite the many plot conveniences. As long as it hits the right notes, it will be an anime worth watching.

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