First Impressions: Cop Craft

Well look what we’ve got here, a buddy cop show with a dash of fantasy! It’s been a while since I’ve seen an anime about a detective with a proper introduction to its world. (I’m looking at you B: The Beginning.) Compared to the very few similar shows with different settings, the world-building feels gradual.

It uses the familiar formula of two characters from distinct backgrounds. Kei Matoba is the gritty human detective while Tilarna the female knight whose actual name I won’t spell out is from the other world. Taking place in a fictional city where races of various kinds in supposed harmony makes it intriguing. Most criminals are disguised as normal humans and they have a form of magic in their sleeves. Note: some fairies aren’t even aware of how technology works in the human world.

Funnily enough, they were able to put in bits of humor at the right time even at scenes where it should be seen as serious. We get to know how the city works through the two and they make a good pair. Though they seem to clash at times, their banter feels organic. You know that they are still learning to look out from each other. When you get to know them more, once you see that specific trait you won’t see them again as they are initially introduced. Especially Kei.

I also love the OP too. It fits the aesthetic of the world and it has the snazzy feel which has been rarely heard in anime songs in recent years. The one gripe I see is it relies on cliffhangers. Episode 1 ended on a cliffhanger during an action scene. The same thing happened in the recent episode but done differently. If done right, it could leave me wanting more. For now, it’s becoming the dark horse of this season.

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