Carole & Tuesday Episode 14: Bittersweet Moments

This second half is a big departure from the first. It feels as if we’re now getting into the meat of the story. Tobe’s terrifying introduction with an axe last week certainly gave a shock to Carole and Tuesday. Behind it, he knows what he’s doing. Gus for once actually made the right choice of not giving the girls the contract.

How Tobe creates music was tormenting for the two, and it gave an upgrade. I even like how Skip actually came to help them. Who knew that for a man who drinks and smokes for a living has this amount of skill and connections. Hearing the same song but with added instrumentals filled in what was missing in majority of their songs. It made it an even better song.

I don’t trust this guy. Angela should stay vigilant.

Parallel to what they’re doing Angela is just waiting to have her debut song released soon. Unexpectedly we hear the second ED of the anime as Tao manipulates her vocals without permission. This may be the writers’ commentary of vocaloids or virtual celebrities like Kizuna Ai. Angela did reluctantly gave in to his offer from the beginning of the show and today we see the consequences. Down the line inevitably there will be more of them in real life.

Meanwhile, Tuesday got a contact number from a journalist who’s interested in her background. There’s even some setup behind the scenes of Valerie’s campaign. I don’t know how politics works in Mars, and it’s obviously up to no good. Her political advisor is too caught up in the numbers.

As most people already know who Dann truly is, it’s surprising how his scene was handled. His wife was already gone and he was falsely imprisoned for 17 years. While Carole gave her view of how she got lost Dann only wanted to see if his daughter was doing well. He still needed to serve his sentence back at Earth. It shed me a tear. They didn’t need to give confirmation. Moments such as this drags on in other shows but this was better than expected. I do hope I could see him again.

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