Carole & Tuesday Episode 15: Seeing the Signs

Remember how almost each episode starts with a teaser to the Miraculous 7 Minutes? It looks like were getting close. Also it seems that some have already stopped watching it because the episode aired quite late. Putting that aside, this episode has been the most interesting one so far this series has to offer.

Angela made no appearance this time but we’re given a close look to the so-called living legend artist Desmond. Said artist invited Carole and Tuesday because their song Army of Two is now making waves. The show managed to put up a good comedic moment for Gus since he’s now recognized by AI security. Parallel to what they’re doing, Valerie is preparing for her debate against her only political opposition. I thought the two events would not be related to each other but the way how it’s played out, it’s a big deal in this world.

For someone who’s canonically male at the start but sees themselves as nonbinary, this is refreshing!

Desmond’s introduction by singing their own song feel like I’m in a dream. It also helps since the place they live in is an untainted paradise. As Desmond sings the piano just goes with the flow. If you didn’t actually notice, the piano is the same model that Carole and Tuesday played from Episode 2. It is also on the stage where the miraculous performance will take place at. Both of them even bear the exact rocket design when seen from above. Details like this makes my enjoyment of the show even better. A bigger plus is Desmond being gay and despite their lover now gone they still want to show love through music. Even the AI shows feelings for their master. It goes to show that human empathy has no boundaries.

When looking at their philosophy, it makes sense considering how their world is just like ours but only on a different planet. The lyrics of their songs is relevant to the story especially the second one because it acts as a warning. Though it’s not outright said, Valerie’s political advisor is manipulating her (in my perspective). I commend that Spencer still has his own morals. On the other hand, the journalist Kyle seems to know about the family background. Thinking about it, he could be in the same position as Dann from Episode 14. He has the same hair color like Tuesday but I could be wrong.

For a setup episode, no moment was wasted. If one would look closely into the details this is what the anime excels in. To some it’s filler and I get that. However, if you’re not into analyzing a lot I can understand. Actually, from the start this anime isn’t written like a normal anime.

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