Carole & Tuesday Episode 16: Falling Down and Looking Back Up

We’re getting episodic, but the charm is still there. It’s a much needed lesson for the girls once they’re in the industry. Having their debut song at #53 in the charts compared to Angela who’s at #1 truly shows what they’re going through. Carole and Tuesday got another gig as a way for them to climb up the rankings. Knowing the two, the numbers don’t matter to them as long as they are making music. Hell, they even got a band right off the street.

Gus then sees a familiar person who he used to work with – her name is Flora. His younger self met her in a nightclub because her voice was the start of his managerial career. Unfortunately, when Flora’s fame is about to skyrocket the record company doesn’t want him to be her manager. Gus lets her go and she enjoyed her fame while it lasted. Since this is a music anime there’s no denying that Flora is based on Whitney Houston. When I saw those flashbacks, it would be a good opportunity to have a spin-off based on Gus’ beginnings. He has this reliable aura but it had to take this amount of episodes to even see it.

I do want to see Flora helping C and T once we get to the big finale.

Flora’s anxiety of not making music again due to her mistakes shows how fame can blind a person’s status. Also, we’ve got a glimpse of Angela during this episode. It seems we have another stalker again and this time he’s working with her. There wasn’t a buildup since the show didn’t give enough time. Plus having seen the first half, I could guess where it could go.

If you really think about it the second half just going through a series of events where the endgame is that one performance. This episode especially shows. Carole’s inspiration that got into singing was Flora. She uses the chance to cover Flora’s song at the gig so she can lift Flora’s spirits up. I liked the song, yet it could’ve been better if the episode gives us a reason why they need to do it. They even skimmed the beginning about how impactful their meeting to Desmond was.

All I could say now, if it manages to deliver with the remaining time it’s a show worth watching when you only want to hear the music.

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