The 5 Best Anime Openings – Summer 2019

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Time to bring back what I normally do within the season. So far my enjoyment has reached a new high since majority of anime are able to distinguish themselves. The variety is diverse and so does the music too! It’s been getting difficult for me to limit it to just five songs. Should I expand my list? Only time can tell.

#5 Otome-domo yo – O Maidens in Your Savage Season

I remember when I saw the first episode. It left such an impact and this song tells what the show is about. Aside from what it actually tackles, it loosely references all the girls finding their own “love”. A number of anime songs have this trait where it’s always connected to the show one way or another.

#4 MUKANJYO – Vinland Saga

Haven’t gotten the time to start this one, yet who can’t say no to Survive Said the Prophet? They should do full English songs one day. Like, they should. Man with a Mission has this in their discography yet their songs for anime has Japanese lyrics. This can elevate the experience of the show as long as the message is there.

#3 Chime – Fruits Basket


It seems Fruits Basket is already buried under the more popular shows this season. That’s a shame honestly. The second half (even though it’s still part 1 of the whole story) got way better and more emotional. Even the characters are showing the most important aspects of who they are. I prefer this over the first one since it captures the mood of the show than Again.

#2 Kizuato – Given

Can’t this song be available on Spotify yet? This is why have a love-hate relationships to anime songs. Some are available, but not all. And in this case, Kizuato is the most sentimental song I’ve heard yet. Even without knowing where it actually came from, the song shows that one’s influence can affect a person in the long run. I recall one person who has this. I do hope that person is doing well.

#1 Rakuen Toshi – Cop Craft


Who wants to time travel back to the 80s? This just oozes with style and is truly a song for an entertaining buddy cop show. It could be mistaken as a song for a live-action drama and I won’t complain there. Really, Japanese songs have a wide range where one has its own techniques. It’s one of the many reasons why I still stick to anime until now.

Are there any songs you like this season?

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