Carole & Tuesday Episode 17: Connecting the Dots

A lot of events are happening at once, and the good thing is none of them feel dragged on. For the last two episodes which are primarily episodic they serve as a prelude and this one escalates the main conflict. It’s about time the show is trying to say using AI can lead to trouble one day. Whether the AI moves on its own or controlled by someone else, there’s no denying that there are some who have ulterior motives.

Ertegun got bankrupt because a Pinocchio AI hacked into his bank account. He had to face his own downfall while the Internet is making rounds against him. Angela’s stalker is actually a different character who controls AI to take a close look at her private life. Valerie unconditionally relies on her political advisor who seems to hide his actual robotic self and he’s now brushing off Spencer. As for Carole and Tuesday, they’re just suffering under the authority of their producer.

While this week Ertegun got most of the spotlight this show took a different turn. Angela’s other co-worker was rumored to be involved in dating her but he only sees her as an object. What’s next? He got ran over by a taxi. I do wonder what’s the purpose of him even though the real stalker is in hiding. It’s a waste of a character.

Kyle’s role so far never seems to be a bad sign for C and T.

During their recording session Kyle’s interview to the girls somewhat implies a blessing in disguise. He doesn’t want to talk about their music, he wants to know if Tuesday is okay. Kyle even reminded of Carole’s situation to Tuesday because her mother is pushing to get the position. At least there’s someone who had to point out.

Also while Ertegun wants to get back to the top once more his pitch to Tao was quite entertaining. Since he has no equipment he freestyles his own beats and Tao accepted the offer. Angela was so confused during their banter and she has no other choice but to hop on. This could fit as a commentary about the industry but it’s primarily for gags.

I thought initially the second half would be a series of episodic stories where each are loosely connected to the finale. And it doesn’t seem to be the case. They’ve got something up in their sleeves and I look forward to it.

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