Carole & Tuesday Episode 18: Too Much to Absorb

I feel like they’re trying to put out as much information as they can. Multiple plot threads are going on and some can’t seem to find their place. Some characters are becoming one-sided now and I thought they could offer something else to the show. The music? It’s still there. Except the most recent song was only used as an insert.

Angela is in a middle of a conflict between Ertegun and Tao who are producing the song. The stalker from last week becomes more aggressive towards Angela and I question why it had to result to this. We even got a snippet of her co-worker who miraculously survived the car crash but it doesn’t feel like he contributed anything. From what I know back then in the Mars Brightest, there wasn’t a reason why Cybelle was obsessed towards Tuesday. The same thing is happening again but now this stalker controls AI. Oh, as it turns out, Valerie’s political advisor Hamilton isn’t a robot after all. He’s simply a greedy man who uses AI to the point of sabotaging the city just so he can gain the public’s trust for Valerie’s sake. I’m all in for a political subplot, but it could’ve been setup better.

Carole and Tuesday are now making their debut album at last. Also they’ve got an opportunity to perform again at the same music festival where they got booed by the public. This could mean a major comeback for them.

Tuesday, there are better things to do right now.

However, the moments where Tuesday meeting up with Kyle were kind of lacking. It’s weird for the fact she slowly fell for him (in a romantic way) even though he looks like her long-lost father. She got heartbroken because she only assumed after seeing him with another woman in the place where they usually meet. For a character who’s been secluded for so long, it could have been rewritten in a different way. What is the point of having this here?

The good thing is that Carole is still there for her. She’s been looking out to her ever since the meeting at the bridge. Tuesday, still timid as ever, keeps going with the flow. Right now, this week showed a bunch of missed opportunities.

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